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BLACK-RHINO - While Our people's blood screams from the ground  you feel it Sound to Strut and Proud. Nazis Partied with the second Reich as they perfected the blight and stir up the fights. Nazis Partied as the third Reich read the blue prints of Pappa's delight. Now the fourth Reich is sitting fat and happy while we still broke and Slave-Nappy. From the Dutch East Indies down to the Portuguese, the Trekboer to the Voor Voortrekkers instigators of War. Shaka Zulu slides on the British side a major STYE upon our eyes. Have we forgotten that the snake lies? While our people's Blood Screams from the grounds  they feel it A Okay to Strut and Proud. Just another bookmark in our horror story that they call glory. Trekboer claimin he was a farmer. Then went from farmer to Voor Trekker to Boer Trekker to just Trekker to occupier to Genocide-er to Apartheid-er, then from the Apartheid-er to the divider, to the Son of a Nazi called the Decider. Bush Boer War Whores British Wish List World War. Spoils of war Namibia torn, Nama and Herero thrown under the floor another horror story Our stories. Now where have we heard this before??? While the BLOOD of our people Screams from the ground  why do we feel it sound to sit down? While the Nazies party and live their dream, " can I see your Passport please? " While the Commies morph to Yankees controlling Our commodities through IMF lackeys these Sell Outs for crumbs as we still broke, deceived, slave-nappy, fake happy dead man walking dumb. While our People's BLOOD SCREAMS from our ground,  We feel it A Okay to Strut and Proud. While our people's blood screams from the ground  why oh why do we sit down. - Plahu the Teacher 2014 

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