#BOYCOTTEXODUSMOVIE - Rupert Murdoch and the Exodus whitewash.

"Since when are Egyptians Not White? All I know are.", Of course Egyptians are Middle Eastern, BUT FAR from Black. They treated Blacks as Slaves." - Rupert Murdoch owner of FOX and distributor of Exodus Gods and Kings. 

Here we go again. How can anyone in this position of influence and power be so ignorant? How can Rupert Murdoch a Jewish man be so, clueless about his own history? Answer:Because it is not His-Story and he knows it. You mean to tell me a Jewish man will pay 140 million to none Jews to play the role of his Ancestors?  Hollywood has always been the tool of propaganda. Whitewashing history allows people like Murdoch to stay in power. The Nazi's and the slave trading colonialist rewrote history to remain in-power as long as possible. If you can convince the people you have conquered that their Gods look like the slave-masters you can produce slaves for generations. Never-mind the fact that biblical stories are written in stone, and descriptions of the original people are stored in the museums of Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen. Those in the position of power can create the god they want. This is called white-supremacy and (Exodus Gods and Kings), is the latest example of it.

If you ever wondered why our Earth is being destroyed with GMOs while people are starving to death on a Planet that seems to be in perpetual war, then wonder no more. It's because the God makers still reign Supreme. When you own a Media Conglomerate like 21th Century FOX and News Corp you can shape the world how you see it. However they can create the propaganda but it is your CHOICE to pay for it! Save your money and  #BOYCOTTEXODUSMOVIE and send a message to FOX, no more lies.

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